Mixing Media

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A fun little project with my sister in mind! I ended up gifting this to her for her birthday! I seem to find the more pleasure arting project for others. I’m not sure why! maybe it’s just the motivation to get it rolling and completed. I’m super inspired by tattoo design, and wanted to test […]

Typography sneak peak!

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Just a little peak at the most recent project I have been designing. Typography & Beer… a match made in heaven! This is just a glimpse of  number 1 of  the three part series… I can’t give to much away, as it’s Fathers day soon, and my Pops just happens to have a thing for IPA. More […]

A moustache on a string is a peculiar thing.

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Calling all snail mail lovers! Take a gander at this fun project I have been apart of for the second year in a row. It is called the elevated envelope and I came across it last year completely by accident at ephemera-press.com. Anyways, it’s all about coming up with something fancy in envelope form, and sending if […]

Tattoo time!

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This is a tattoo I designed for my brother in law as a gift. I had a lot of fun drawing it up for him, and can’t wait to see it in the flesh!

For your favorite four legged friend

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Happy Holidays to all of my favorite poochys! In prep for the holiday, I could not forget the K-9’s…. So we baked up some wheat free Pumpkin treats, & whole wheat PB treats! The tags were inspired partially or maybe subconsciously by (one) of my new fav shows, Hell on Wheels… I think they have a little […]

Anniversary Card

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Sea salt & Water colour

Ollie turns ONE!!

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 This is my little beagle enjoying his first birthday party.